wave bowl green limited edition ceramics
wave bowl green 2 limited edition ceramicswave bowl group colours close upwave bowl group colourswave bowl groupwave bowl green with lemons

‘green large wave bowl’


Product Description

‘green large wave bowl’  by jojo rowley £95 (including p &P)

This bowl is made from porcelain clay.  The Wave Bowls are altered once they have been thrown on the wheel to create gentle undulations at the rim.  They are left unglazed on the outside to give a matt surface which is smooth and soft to the touch and which contrasts beautifully with the glazed interior.


Each piece is unique and therefore the piece in the picture is the exact piece that will be received.

this piece will be packaged and delivered within 1 week


Additional Information


20cm x 13cm

number in edition


specific care instructions

whilst this piece is dishwasher safe you may prefer to handwash

postage and packaging

postage for this piece is free for customers in the uk. if you are an international customer please contact us at info@quiirk.co.uk to get a separate quote.

about the artist

jojo rowley is a ceramic artist working from her garden studio in Surrey. She caught the ceramic bug many years ago at night classes in the UK and then whilst living in America she was awarded an ‘ Emerging Ceramic Artist’ award which gave her the encouragement to take her passion to the next level. She exhibits at a number of galleries in Surrey and beyond.

jojo’s ceramics are an elegant mix of functionality and form that have tactile yet ethereal qualities.