kate colin star anise paper lamp
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star anise paper lampshade


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Product Description

star anise paper lampshade by Kate Colin £230

This bespoke shade is 100% handmade using a precise process of scoring, folding and stitching. Each piece is entirely unique and individually made to order. The lampshades come in white or in a combination of up to three colours of your choice.  Please note that we recommend the main colour is white, frost or one of the lighter yellows as these allow more light through. All shades are made from 160gsm FSC certified Fabriano Tiziano paper which is acid-free and highly resistant to ageing. It has a high cotton content and is dyed in the pulp. Each shade can be easily attached to an existing lighting wire and will sit happily above the bulb socket. These lampshades are for use with an energy-saving lightbulb or LED lightbulb of maximum 11 Watt.

this piece will be packaged and delivered within 2 – 3 weeks


Additional Information


height 340 mm x width 380 mm

bulb recommendation

These lampshades are for use with an energy-saving lightbulb or LED lightbulb of maximum 11 Watt.

postage & packaging

£8.00 for UK orders. Please email info@quiirk.co.uk for shipping enquiries outside the UK.

colour 1

red, White, Cream, Honey, Banana, Sahara, Lemon, Gold, Orange, Aquamarine, Light Blue Gray, Blue Gray, Sea Bright, Navy Blue, Navy Blue, Lilac, Iris, Indigo, Frost, Pearl Gray, Light Felt Gray, Pale Felt Blue, Steel Gray, Rose Gray, Rose, Lava Red, Fire Red, Rose, Burgundy, Emerald Green

Care Instructions

shades can be cleaned by using a feather duster or a soft dry cloth.

about the artist

Kate is a designer/maker based in Glasgow. She works with paper to create handmade folded lighting. Every piece is a one-off and through a unique making process, she explores the variations of colour and three dimensional forms that can be created through the manipulation of paper.
When illuminated, the appearance of each shade radically transforms; folds, creases and angles becomes emphasised, while an intensity of colour is brilliantly revealed. Kate’s work has been on show in various venues across Glasgow. She is one of six Scottish designers who is taking part in the Crafts Council Hothouse 2016 programme.