teal and tangerine limited edition textiles
teal-and-tangerine-detail-limited-edition-textilesteal and tangerine back limited edition textiles

teal and tangerine


Product Description

teal and tangerine by sarah moore £80

this cushion cover is knitted in wool in teal, apple and tangerine. it has been lovingly hand-knitted using a vintage domestic sewing machine for a high quality finish.

this piece features an off centre cable panel and multicoloured stripes, creating a truly unique item. A snug fit for a 55cm cushion pad, it has an envelope back for easy removal and is machine washable at 30 degrees on a wool cycle.

constructed from 100% pure merino wool which has been ethically sourced and spun in italy, this cushion cover is wonderfully soft and hard-wearing.

please note that the cushion pad is not included. As sarah makes all her items by hand and to order, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

this piece will be packaged and delivered within 3 weeks.


Additional Information


to fit a 55 cm cushion pad

specific care instructions

100% merino wool; machine washable at 30 degrees on a wool cycle.

postage & packaging

postage for this piece is £8.50 for customers in the uk. if you are an international customer please contact us at info@quiirk.co.uk to get a separate quote.

about the artist

small flame is the creative outlet of knitting fanatic sarah moore. her temperamental vintage knitting machine is fed with the finest merino wool to produce pieces that are as unique and they are luxurious, each one painstakingly hand finished and styled. each small flame piece represents not only a labour of love but also a fastidious, some might say obsessive, focus on quality, comfort and individuality.