wire bowl limited edition ceramics

wire bowl


Product Description

wire bowl by desa philippi £70

two years ago Desa started to experiment with wire, winding thing steel wire around pots in order to achieve a crisp thin line on top of the glaze. after trying out different glazes and wires, she eventually achieved the effect of the present wire pots, where the wire leaves a lime green trace on the glaze as it heats up in the kiln and moves on to the glaze before settling and partially sinking into the molten glaze. the outcome is unpredictable and determined by both the shape of the bowl and the movement of the wire. this means that no two bowls are ever the same and there will be some variation between them as they are individually made to order.

as the bowls are made by hand there is also some natural variation in shape and height.

this product with be packaged and delivered within 6 weeks


Additional Information


the diameter of the bowl is 24.5 cm, although as each bowl is unique, this may vary very slightly

number in edition

one-off piece

postage & packaging

postage for this piece is £7.70 for customers in the UK. if you are an international customer please contact us at info@quiirk.co.uk to get a separate quote.

about the artist

desa philippi makes functional ceramics in porcelain, and all her work is thrown on the potter’s wheel. ideas are developed across different media, from 2D to 3D back and forth. text and writing are recurrent themes in her work. in many ways the history and development of writing is inseparable from the history of ceramics, but she also considers different formats and techniques of inscription – lines, labels, stamps, embossing – and plays with the many possibilities of these processes. desa’s pots are informed by modernist art and design, especially constructivism and the Bauhaus. more immediately, the urban environment she lives in, and impressions of her travels also find their ways into the colours, textures and shapes of her work. All her pots are fired in an electric kiln to 1240 degrees C.